Ustad Amjad Ali Khan | Pt. V. G. Jog | Hindusthani Classical Instrumental | Sarod & Violin

This is a rare recording of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Pt. V.G.Jog coming together to perform live in a concert. Hindustani Classical Music is like a vast endless ocean that holds treasure of centuries. This compilation of Indian Classical Music is such a jewel that records a jugalbandi of two of the greatest maestros of Hindustani Classical Music. These maestros need no introduction namely Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Pt. V.G.Jog.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan the most famous and celebrated Sarod player from India showcases his brilliance in this album. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is the son of Legendary Hafiz Ali Khan Sahib who was the court musician of Gwalior. His family is part of the Bangash lineage and Khan is in the sixth generation of musicians; his family claims to have invented the sarod. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan throughout his life has done minor changes in the design of his instrument. The Sarod designed by Amjad Ali Khan is one of the most popular models and it is followed by a large portion of Indian Classical Music players all over the world.

The other great maestro featured in this album is none other than the legendary Pt. V.G. Jog. Vishnu Govind Jog, better known as V. G. Jog was an Indian violinist. He was the foremost exponent of the violin in the Hindustani Classical music tradition in the 20th century, and is credited for introducing this instrument into Hindustani Classical music. Jog was a disciple of Baba Allauddin Khan. He performed and recorded with many of the greatest Hindustani Classical musicians of the 20th century and toured the world. He frequently performed for All India Radio’s Calcutta division. Pandit Vishnu Govind Jog, whose name is almost synonymous with the violin genre in Hindustani classical music, was a performer with the unique distinction of having occupied the top rungs of the classical musicians’ hierarchy with three consecutive generations of performers.Groomed in the Gwalior, Agra and Bakhle styles, Pandit Jog’s virtuosity, mastery of ragas and uncanny realisation of space and time in the construction and knowledge of rhythm are his hallmarks.

Together these two maestros perform Rag Ahir Bhairav in a rare live Jugalbandi. This morning Raga is a very rare and complicated raga that showcases a mix of Bhairavi and Kafi. The nuances of this critical raga has been performed beautifully by both the maestros. A treat for one’s ears this album is a must collectible.

== Album Song Data ==
Raag – Ahir Bhairav
Lyrics: Traditional
Composition: Traditional


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